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Meet SirRamboia

Discover the world of SirRamboia: The Creative Programmer behind Scar
Me on a bike :)
SirRamboia, a name derived from the Portuguese word "Ramboia," which translates to "party" or "festivity." This aptly chosen name reflects the essence of the creator, Rafael Soares, as someone who embodies the spirit of fun and joy, embodying his Portuguese heritage. Additionally, the name cleverly incorporates the reverse initials of his real name, adding a personal touch to the moniker.
What is the translation of "Ramboia" in English?
Resident of the vibrant city of Porto, Portugal, with the best "francesinha" in the world, the best landscape and the best club in the world, SirRamboia's passion for programming ignited on August 18, 2018, when he stumbled upon a YouTube tutorial teaching how to develop a Discord bot. Intrigued by the concept, he decided to take the plunge, and from that moment, he was captivated by the world of coding, and there was no turning back.
Porto, Portugal - Ponte de D. Luís
Francesinha - "Just the best food of the world"
With newfound enthusiasm, SirRamboia delved into Discord bot development, as evidenced by his projects showcased. Through this journey, he honed his programming skills, consistently pushing himself to learn and evolve in the realm of coding.
In addition to Discord bot development, SirRamboia embarked on several freelancing projects, each contributing to his growth as a developer. Embracing the challenges posed by different projects, he expanded his horizons and sharpened his programming capabilities.
At present, SirRamboia proudly oversees the project of Scar. Although the frequency of freelancing projects may have diminished somewhat, the spark of creativity and innovation within him remains unwavering.
He is currently engaged in developing a health and fitness mobile application using React Native, demonstrating his versatility and desire to explore new frontiers in the world of programming.
SirRamboia works as a programmer for a company based in Portugal.
His professional journey in programming has been a remarkable one, spanning nearly six years, and he takes great delight in witnessing his evolution throughout this time.
Reflecting on his early projects, SirRamboia humorously recalls instances of his own "inexperience." For example, when determining whether a number was even or odd, he once employed a JSON file containing all numbers with their corresponding parity. Something like this:
number: 1,
even: false
], [
number: 2,
even: true
], [
number: 3,
even: false
However, he recognizes that programming is not like learning sciences or history, nor is it something that can be grasped entirely through traditional classroom instructijhsonon. Instead, programming is about hands-on experience and persistent practice. SirRamboia learned to code by reading documentation and experimenting with small projects, gradually building his expertise.
Today, he can proudly claim expertise in over 20 technologies, programming languages, and tools. This wide-ranging skillset is a testament to his dedication to continuous learning and his determination to excel as a programmer.
In conclusion, SirRamboia's journey as a programmer is a testament to his passion, resilience, and unyielding dedication to the world of coding. As he continues to embrace new challenges and innovate, his journey remains a source of inspiration to others in the programming community.